Nissens Training Concept

We will make you a climate expert

The remarkably fast pace in the development of automotive systems adds a new dimension to the industry’s educational needs. Limited understanding of modern vehicle complexity, and the AC system in particular, leads to an obvious conclusion. It is actually no longer possible to perform AC service without being an expert!

Nissens, as a recognized manufacturer and leading aftermarket player, is committed and capable of sharing this valuable technical knowledge. With our in-depth insight of automotive thermal systems, components and OE applications, as well as market-specific needs, we can provide high quality technical support and expertise that often is restricted for the OE universe.

We have a clear objective - to be able to inspire and develop aftermarket professionals’ business. We stand for an excellent thermal product offering, but also for a number of value-added after-sales services, including professional education. Consequently, we educate our partners, enabling them to be competitive and proficient in the thermal system service.

Our comprehensive training concept sessions set a new standard among aftermarket players. The advanced thermal knowledge we share enables our partners, and their customers, to understand the engine cooling and climate systems deeply, thus reaching the required proficiency in maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs. 

Find the relevant training level for you


This level is addressed to all who want to learn the basic principles of the AC system and its key component operation. You may already know the system components, but this level will enable you to understand the logic behind the system, and will prepare you for further understanding of the climate system’s maintenance and servicing needs. 

Step 1 | Step 2 | Step 3


If you want to gain more competence in AC system maintenance and service, this knowledge level can prepare you for effective, regular work with the system. Besides that, you will get a solid base of component operation learning, common issues and trouble shooting, as well as a comprehensive understanding of system consumables and AC-related devices and systems. 

Step 4 | Step 5


Must-learn level for any individual aiming to work completely independently within the AC system service. Besides providing an extension to many topics covered at the specialist level, this stage consists of the most crucial and obligatory service and maintenance procedures, including a solid presentation of required tools and solutions.

Step 6

Become a 

true AC expert

- in six steps


  • Step 1



    Basics about the AC system and importance of its regular service. Logical classification of the system separating loop elements and the system components into sections depending on their role and application.

  • Step 2

    AC Loop Components​


    Systematic review of the AC loop components including detailed role, operation and placement description, construction types review and analysis of the most common failures. 

  • Step 3

    Air Flow  & Ventilation​


    Systematic review of the air distributing components including detailed role, operation and placement description, construction types review and analysis of the most common failures.

  • Step 4

    System Control & Protection


    System control and protection devices review, including detailed role, placement and operation description, as well as typical failures whenever applicable. 

  • Step 5

    Consumables & Peripheries​


    Detailed review of the AC system consumables such as refrigerant, lubricant and service consumables, as well as other systems in the vehicle having influence on proper operation of the air-conditioning system, e.g. electrical system, driving power (belt) etc. 

  • Step 6

    System Diagnostics & Service


    Comprehensive review of system diagnostics procedures and tools, as well as complete service guide including component installation recommendations and detailed troubleshooting.

It really saves time and money, minimizes risk of system damage and adds confidence to what we are doing. Warranty for AC jobs make our customers happy and generates a real profit.

Deividas Ramanauskas
Mechanic, UAB Eoltas, Lithuania